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Blue Sky Rentals

Over 30 years of rentals exclusively in Sotogrande

Welcome to Blue Sky, property rental specialists, exclusively Sotogrande, for over 30 years. If you are seeking either a short holiday rental or something more permanent, we are privileged to serve you.

Our Properties

We have a diverse range of properties to suit every taste from one bedroom studio apartments to luxury villas: some are available with sea or river views; some have swimming pools and Jacuzzis; some have gardens; some are right next to the beach; some are in marinas; some have moorings; the list is endless so there is sure to be one to suit your exacting needs.

Please take a look on our website under the heading that appeals most: Apartments, Townhouses or Villas or simply choose the price range that’s fits your budget: Enjoy!


Contacts details:

Phone: +34 956 795 023

Email: mail@blueskysotogrande.com

Web: www.blueskysotogrande.com

Fax: +34 956 795 411